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The New Hampshire Youth Lacrosse Association (NHYLA) was formed in 1994 and has grown as the vehicle for New Hampshire towns and programs to learn about the game of lacrosse, receive help launching lacrosse programs, and act as the guardian of the youth lacrosse game in New Hampshire. As a chapter of the national governing body, US Lacrosse, we adhere to its recommendations for organization and safety.

Since its inception the NHYLA has promoted and supported boys and girls lacrosse with members increasing in number each year in both areas. We currently have over 36 towns/programs participating in the NHYLA with approximately 310 teams (approximately 35% girls teams and 65% boys teams) from the ages of 7 through 15 years old.

NHYLA P.O. Box 812, Hampstead, NH 03841


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All Returning Youth Officials
RETURNING YOUTH OFFICIALS All returning youth officials must attend...
First Adaptive Lacrosse Game in NH
History was made today in New Hampshire on the 5th of May, 2019...
Sportsmanship, Positive Coaching and Having FUN!
Youth sports will have a big impact on young players/athletes. Please...
New Adaptive Lacrosse Program
Dear Parent:                                    ...
All Returning Youth Officials


All returning youth officials must attend a rules interpretation update each year in order to be eligible to officiate lacrosse games for the coming season (2020). Returning officials must also take and pass the youth rules and federation high school lacrosse rules exams with an 85% or better.

Boy’s rules interpretation update meeting is currently scheduled for March 8, 2020 at the Seacoast School of Technology 40 Linden Street Exeter, NH. The meetings will begin at 9:00am and will be done by noon.

Girl’s rules interpretation update meeting is currently scheduled for March 8, 2020 at the Seacoast School of Technology, 40 Linden Street Exeter, NH. The meeting will begin at 9:00am and will be over by noon.


by posted 10/08/2019
First Adaptive Lacrosse Game in NH

History was made today in New Hampshire on the 5th of May, 2019 when the first ever adaptive lacrosse game was played at Sawyer Park in Kensington, NH. The NH team, based in Laconia, NH joined the Cape Ann Youth Lacrosse team from the Cape Ann area of Massachusetts. The players were supported by high school players from Laconia High School, Exeter High School, and the entire 2018 Division 1 state champion Pinkerton Academy boys’ varsity team from Derry, NH.

The day began with introductions of players and a thirty minute skills and drills session followed by a forty-five minute game that saw impressive play from players on both sides of the ball. Following the game players, partners and families got together for a pizza party and an after the game wrap up. After a meeting with the coaches additional games have been planned as well as an invitation to the New Hampshire Youth Lacrosse Association end of the year Festival that will be held on June 8 & 9, 2019. The NHYLA Festival is a two day event that brings together 300+ youth lacrosse teams from around the state with 6,000+ players and their families joining together for a fun end of the season event. A great time was had by all today and we look forward to expanding the number of teams in both New Hampshire and New England.

by posted 05/08/2019
Sportsmanship, Positive Coaching and Having FUN!

Youth sports will have a big impact on young players/athletes. Please do not underestimate the life lessons youth sports can offer all of us.


“My responsibility is leadership, and the minute I get negative, that is going to have an influence on my team.” Don Shula, Positive Coaching Alliance (2019).


1)    Be positivehttps://www.positivecoach.org/the-power-of-positive/


2)    R.O.O.T.S. Respect Officials, Opponents, Teammates and Self. SO important. A coach MUST be a role model for players when coaching and making comments about officials calls. https://devzone.positivecoach.org/resource/book/roots-honoring-game-and-sportsmanship


Today (5/4/2019), while I was officiating a youth game, a coach on the sideline FAR from the play exclaimed “That was the worst call I have ever seen!”. The coach was 70 yards from the call/foul. The official was 10 yards. Bottom line: Near or far; what message are you sending to student-athletes when you exclaim such a frustration?


Manchester Union Leader, Sunday May 5, 2019: Credit to coach Brad Stevens (Boston Celtics) for saying, “I don’t complain about officials. We have a lot of things we have to work on.”

3)    Athletes must learn to respect ALL participants in a sporting event. Please, as an administrator, a coach of a NHYLA team, or a parent on the sideline, be the best role model you can be for everyone involved in our game.







NHYLA is looking for sportsmanship nominations! If you see a team/league that exemplifies sportsmanship - please email with your comments and recommendations!


Thank you again for ‘volunteering’ to fill a lacrosse role this season!

Please feel free to reach out to the VP of Girls and/or Boys at www.nhyla.org for resources when challenged with a situation and/or concern.

VP of Girls - NHYLA


by posted 05/05/2019
New Adaptive Lacrosse Program

Dear Parent:                                                                                        October 8, 2019

The New Hampshire Youth Lacrosse Association (NHYLA) and its Board members are pleased to announce the inception of an adaptive lacrosse program in the state of New Hampshire.

It has come to our attention that US Lacrosse, in an effort to expand its diversity and inclusion goals, has developed guidelines for adaptive lacrosse programs. According to US Lacrosse the adaptive lacrosse program is an opportunity for people with physical and/or intellectual disabilities to become involved with the game. Our goal is to become a state “where diversity and inclusion are a fundamental part of the values and culture” of lacrosse in New Hampshire.

The vision for the state, at this early developmental stage, is to field 3 unified coed lacrosse teams. One team to be located in the Seacoast of New Hampshire with Exeter as its home base, one team to be located in South Central New Hampshire with Amherst as its home base, and a third team to be located in the North Central New Hampshire with Laconia as its home base. This is the first program of its kind in New Hampshire and parents are welcome to register in whichever location is most convenient to them.

Ideally, team size would be 12 to 15 players along with an equal or greater number of youth volunteers from area high schools. Games would take place on Sundays along with the regularly scheduled NHYLA games.

Cost to participating families would be minimal. Each family would have to register their player with US Lacrosse. The current cost for this registration is $35. Equipment would be provided for each team (it would be available at each game/practice). We would be using soft lacrosse balls so helmets and other protective gear would be optional. Cost for uniforms and game officials would be absorbed by the various programs and NHYLA.

The program will be open to participants ages 10-21. This program offers a way for kids with physical and developmental disabilities to enjoy the sport in a non-competitive and adaptive environment. Coaches and organizational participants will emphasize teamwork, sportsmanship, and skill development on an age and ability appropriate basis. The program will be structured to have middle and high school lacrosse players from local community’s team up as a “partner” or “mentor” for each adaptive participant. These partner coaches will assist in adapting the skills and teaching methods to the needs of each participant’s ability and specific requirements. Equipment and rules will also be modified as necessary to meet participant’s needs while maintaining the overall fundamental lacrosse team experience.

 The lacrosse season in New Hampshire begins in early April and ends the 2nd weekend in June with the NHYLA Festival. The Festival hosts over 300 New Hampshire youth lacrosse teams, a little over 7000 lacrosse players, and this would also be the final weekend for the unified teams to play.

Registration will be open on January 1, 2020. To register a player parents can go to NHYLA.org, click on Home, Scroll down to Register Online, and choose the area of play that would be most convenient for the family (i.e. Seacoast, South Central, or North Central). It is my hope that we can recruit enough players to fill three teams in New Hampshire. If we have enough players in various age groups we could field an elementary level team, a middle school level team and a high school age team in each area. This would be an ideal scenario and will be dependent on our ability to interest parents and players in the program.

Anyone who has questions can contact me at . The goal is to begin the season with the other NHYLA teams in early April 2020.

I appreciate your time and I hope to meet many of you on the lacrosse field.


Wayne Demers



by posted 01/21/2019


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